Construction Case
  • Localization of Korea Airports Corporation’s ILS Integrated Control system
  • Korea Airports Corporation ILS Datamining system domestic development
  • Constructed ILS system integrated monitoring center (Ministry of Land)
Button-type integrated Interlock device
LCD-type integrated Interlock device
  • LLZ, GP, DME, IM monitoring
  • CAT III, II, I express use
  • VOR/DME Status Monitoring
  • Interlock Control and Status Monitoring
  • Control-Voice Expression
  • Status Monitoring-Voice Expression
Integrated Interlock management Device
  • Show Status information in real time
  • Log fault management
  • Interlock Control Log Management (DB History management, Report)
  • Gateway 1, 2 and switcher status monitoring
  • Maintenance management
  • LLZ, GP, DME, IM status monitoring
  • VOR/DME status monitoring
Intelligent Integrated error forecast system
  • Display ILS Data in real-time
  • Display ILS forecast risk
  • Display the state of all the devices that can communicate
  • 2011, Korea Airports Corporation. Seoul Regional Headquarters ILS team
Search stored data
  • View Data stored DB
  • Save changed excel
Graph in real-time
  • RF
  • SDM
  • DDM
  • Show in real-time
Analysis Report
  • Display current risk about base-data
  • Display trend risk report