Transfer System
System summary
Disaster Information Transfer System(DITS) can notice National Emergency Management(NEMA), Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA), Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Electric Power Corporation’s disaster broadcasting command to disaster broadcast request to capital area and 177 region broadcasters via Korea Communications Commission within 1munute. And, it is a system operated in connection with CBS and DMB.
System Functions
  • Disaster Information Collection : KMA – Typhoon, Heavy rain, Earthquake, Tsunami, Gale etc. Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – Food poisoning and food-related. Korea Electric Power Corporation – Power supply alert
  • Disaster Information Transmission : via Korea Communications Commission – Disaster alarm transmission according to alarm type
  • System operated in connection : operated in connection with DMB, CBS disaster text broadcasting system
Development Plan
  • Disaster Information Collection expand : nuclear power plant, Ministry of Environment etc.
  • Disaster Information Transmission expand : Utilizing Disaster alarm facilities in connection with City, province, and military disaster systems, Electric signboard Bus information system, ITS facility, electronic sign board bus information system, Cooperation with National Police Agency and fire fighting disaster management system.
  • Apply of standardized Disaster Information Transfer : Development as a standardization system for disaster information transmission
Construction Case
  • Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters : Disaster Information Transfer System redevelopment and maintenance
  • Completed smart disaster MCU development project : Ministry of Knowledge Economy R&D business
  • Development of disaster alarm terminal(small) and system with IoT technology : The Small and Medium Business Administration R&D business in progress